Chinese Taxpayers Association










Greetings to all the friends and peers who are working tirelessly for the cause and benefits of taxpayers from around the world.



Regrettably, due to the ever-changing circumstance of the pandemic, I am unable to attend the forum in beautiful Manila in-personal to meet and share this moment with all of you today.

The ruthlessness pandemic will not tarnish the bond between us, and I look forward to overcoming this human catastrophe when people’s lives can once again return to a state of normalcy. When this is all behind us, I and all my colleagues at China Taxpayers Association sincerely invite all of you to come to China to meet and exchange ideas.





The Manila forum organized by Chairman O’Connell and the secretary-general proposes the strengthening of the mutual exchange and collaboration between taxpayer organizations from varies countries. Such proposition has an important and significant impact for the taxpayers’ professional development during this critical period.

Covid-19 has brought profound repercussions to people’s work and livelihood during the last three years. Due the instability of our circumstances, it is even more necessary to strengthen mutual exchanges and cooperation between taxpayer organizations worldwide and to give full play to the positive role of these organizations in promoting national economic recovery and social development. Similarly, through mutual exchanges and cooperation, taxpayer organizations at all levels in China have been working altruistically during this critical time to actively promote local economic recovery and development.


To better serve taxpayers, we have comprehensively rectified and improved the service functions of the China Taxpayer Association Alliance Network. In addition to renewing information on our own website for taxpayers to access, we are always mindful of the postings on the WTA’s website and other international taxpayer organizations’ websites.


Furthermore, we collaborated with the State Taxation Bureau on the “Research on the Status of Value-Added Tax Refunds”. Through the survey, we listened to the responses and opinions of many taxpayers, as well as the problems encountered by taxpayers in the process of implementing these policies. After our extensive and timely research, on behalf of the taxpayers, we made recommendations to the relevant tax authorities to further simplify the approval process and reduce the necessary approval documents, by which will greatly help taxpayers to cope with the financial difficulties during the pandemic.   


We have enhanced the education and training of corporate taxpayers in China to lessen the impacts of Covid-19 on their normal economic operation.


To promote the economic recovery and development of corporate taxpayers during the pandemic, the national taxation authority and relevant government agencies have formulated and introduced many preferential policies and measures. For example, the State Taxation Bureau has implemented a new combined tax policy targeting small and medium-sized enterprises by reducing the tax burden of these companies and increasing cash flow to help them overcome difficulties encountered during economic recovery. Government authorities at all levels have put forward 17 preferential policies in four areas, which include, "the support for protection and treatment," "the support for resource and supply," " to encourage public welfare donations," and "the support for manufacturing and work recovery".   To promote the state’s preferential tax policies at all levels, we uploaded relevant information for taxpayers on the China Taxpayer Association website and held training seminars to assist taxpayers to learn and better understand these policies.


We, taxpayers around the world are a family. The cross-border operations of corporate taxpayers require a healthy tax environment. With an increasing number of Chinese taxpayers exiting and foreign taxpayers entering China, Chinese tax treaty network has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Today, Chinese tax treaty network has covered 112 countries and regions whereby assisting cross-border taxpayers to avoid double taxation, improve tax certainty, reducing the tax burden in host countries, and to promote investment and economic trade cooperations between China and other nations.


The world we live in today is one with a global perspective. Taxpayer organizations in various countries are the most dynamic participants in this international society. Chinese taxpayer organizations have used websites, brochures, mutual exchanges between associations across the country, organized seminars, and training programs to introduce and educate the public in terms of tax-related polices. By doing so, we can help taxpayers better understand and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. This will always be the Chinese Taxpayer Association’s mission.


Finally, on behalf of the Alliance of Chinese Taxpayers Associations, I would like to thank the Chairman and the Secretary General of WTA, and our old friend Mr. Oplas from the Philippines for hosting this forum and providing this great opportunity for us to meet and communicate with one another.


Best wishes and much success to World Taxpayers Association Manila Regional Forum. Thank you!